Ticket to Ride: New York


Ticket to Ride: New York is similar to the other Ticket to Ride games — this version takes place in Manhattan where you need to collect cards, claim routes and draw tickets. This game can be played in 15 minutes.

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How to Play

  • You start out with 15 taxis, two transportation cards and one or two destination tickets.
  • Players take turns until someone has no more taxis left – then the final round begins
  • The player with the highest score wins


  • 1 board map of New York transportation network
  • 60 plastic taxis
  • 44 transportation cards
  • 18 Destination ticket cards
  • 1 rule leaflet
  • 1 scorecard
  • 1 pencil

Please note: not for ages 7 and under.

Additional information


8 and up


2 to 4

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